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Make Him Desire You - A Comprehensive Program To Help You Retain Your Man

  • May 2014




    Alex Carter is a renowned expert who specializes in the art of attraction. He has engaged in several studies within relationship setups that have made him a resourceful person in matters of relationship building and sustenance. In his program Make Him Desire You program, he targets specifically women and aims at giving them full control over their male counterparts. Women at all stages of their relationship will find this program useful especially if they are battling with issues pertaining to retaining their men. It is designed for all class of women regardless of their place in the society.

    The 3 Classes of Women Covered By the Make Him Desire You Program

    This program targets women who fall in each of the following categories:

    Single Ladies – These are women who are still searching for Mr. Right. This program helps them to develop the right mind set and techniques that they can apply once they find the person they love. It can be very painful to be single for such a long time and only to lose the person you love the moment you lay your hands on them.

    Ladies in Early Dating Stages – This category consists of women that are having their first experience of love in a relationship setup. In this situation, Make Him Desire You eBook helps them to tighten their grasps so that they do not lose their men.

    Ladies in a Committed Relationship – It does not matter the level of a relationship you are in, you can lose your man in a flash. This program helps you to develop the necessary technique to have a dominion over your man.

    The Techniques Learnt from Make Him Desire You eBook

    The program as developed by Alex Carter has various techniques that it proposes which help in developing a tight and committed relationship.

    Vacuum Technique

    In this, the program teaches you how to become the only person that satisfies his needs with the exception of spiritual needs.

    Mouse and Cheese Technique

    This is a very elaborate technique that makes him helpless when he is with you as long as you want it.

    Anchor Method

    This technique as illustrated in the Make Him Desire You program gives you the ability to make him focused on only you despite other women craving on him.

    Direct-Indirect Technique

    It is the desire of many women to make their men to go beyond the limits just to do for them whatever they want. make him desire you program This technique achieves exactly that.

    Furious Magnet

    This is a carefully developed tactic that helps you to get him back even after years of living with another lady.

    The Make Him Desire You program further highlights the difference between lust and desire. It carefully puts it that lust is visual oriented and does not last long. On the other hand, desire originates from the heart and the more it grows the more it displaces lust for other women.


    Make Him Desire You program works through a trigger on the impulsive part of the brain which activates pleasure hormones. This enables you to become the only cause of pleasure for your man.


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